PE is the most important underutilizes public health policy to improve cardiorespiratory fitness among youth, particularly for youth from low-income neighborhoods. We have conducted a series of studies demonstrating that schools, particularly elementary schools, rarely comply with policies mandating PE, but that disclosing low-PE compliance can increase the quantity and importance of PE. Further, access to credentialed PE teachers, which is more prevalent in high-income school districts, is associated with higher student fitness.


Reports & Presentations

Research Brief: Access to Credentialed Elementary PE Teachers in California and Students’ Cardiorespiratory Fitness

This new study shows that access to elementary physical education teachers in California is lacking and may be negatively impacting student health. Many California public elementary schools do not provide the PE minutes required by law and half of California school districts don’t have elementary PE teachers on staff.

Policy Brief: Improving Compliance with PE Education Law in California Elementary Schools

The strategic goal of this research is to support districts, schools, and teachers in providing the state-mandated 200 minutes of PE every 10 days for elementary students. This policy brief details action steps that can be taken to achieve that goal.