Lee M, Altman E, Madsen KA. Secular Trends in Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption Among Adults, Teens, and Children: The California Health Interview Survey, 2011–2018. Preventing Chronic Disease. 2021. [dx.doi.org/10.5888/pcd18.200399]

Abstract: Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) contributes to adverse health outcomes and excess health care spending. To provide context for ongoing work assessing the impact of public health strategies, including SSB excise taxes, we used data from the California Health Interview Survey from 2011–2018 to estimate trends in beverage consumption among adults, teens, and children overall and by education, race/ethnicity, and family income. We found reductions in the annual prevalence and frequency of soda consumption across all age groups and heterogeneous increases in the consumption of fruit drinks among adults and children. Surveillance of beverage consumption trends will continue to strengthen and improve the ability of researchers and policy makers to effectively improve population health.

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